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Manpower provide

westad Company works in providing manpower for some governmental and private institutions and companies, which work in the field of fuel services, cleaning, loading and unloading, horticulture and other other fields Their goals and objectives.

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Real estate investment and development

Setad specializes in real estate investment, tourism in the United Kingdom for domestic trips at gas stations or in other facilities, the weather is in good condition, those services: restaurants, cafes, car services, money exchange and other services that help people get the requirements and services they need.

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The (High Life) Center for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Traditional Indian Medicine falls under the umbrella of Setad Company, and provides the best services through licensed and qualified cadres and through modern equipment owned by the center. It also provides home care services to all segments of society within the borders of Muscat Governorate


Westad singed a partnership agreement with Al-MAHA.



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